Benefits of
Your Donations

It empowers schools with libraries fully furnished with books for pupils to read and explore.

Give a gift.
Transform a life.

With every purchase you beam the sunshine of hope, that transform the life of a needy child.

Thank U
Computer Lab

Thank U for lighting up technology for children affected by poverty , to learn to computer in school, so they can bright their future.

Our story

Thank U Charity establishes facilities that improve education in African schools and spread literacy, to empower children to lift themselves out of poverty. We provide computer labs and library facilities that enhance teacher training and boosts education for children. And where the rumbling of empty tummies, deters hungry little children, from attending school, we set up a school farm to teach children to grow the nutritious food they need, to eat there.

Since 2002, we have been creating sustainable innovative solutions for the welfare and education of children in under-served communities, using recycled educational material, to establish environments that nurture children to enjoy learning. We’ve now introduced a climate Change Club that gives school children the knowledge to look after their environment and help save the planet.

Changing a Child’s Life is Simply Giving a Gift for Life!