About Us


We are a non-profit that is committed to developing innovative solutions to alleviate poverty in people of African and Caribbean heritage. We use tools such as literacy, the Arts, and intergenerational activities to alleviate poverty.

What is unique about Thank U Charity is that the key leaders have lived and worked in Africa and the Caribbean. So intrinsically they understand the lived experiences, nuances, and difficulties that our beneficiaries face, daily. The unique experiences and cultural intelligence that we collectively share gives us the innovative edge to create. It also helps us to implement the creative solutions needed, to overcome their innate challenges.

Moreover, our breadth of experiences from living in the UK has also exposed us to a variety of cultures, training, and work experiences. As a result, it enables us to transfer our expertise to support all our beneficiaries in the UK, Africa, and the Caribbean. Continue to read about Thank U Charity’s impact on Calvary Methodist School in Ghana.

About Thank U Charity Vision

Thank U vision is to have a world where the basic needs of every young person of African and Caribbean heritage met. As a result, it will enable them to access literacy that is adapted to their requirements, to inspire future geniuses

About Thank U Charity Mission

Spread literacy to alleviate poverty


To provide the tools, facilitate tours, and visits the African and Caribbean roots to help deepen their cultural knowledge. Another objective is to adapt learning opportunities for young people of African and Caribbean heritage. As a result, it develops their skills and talents productively. Consequently, they are able to achieve their full potential.